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Computing and Communication Acceptable Use Policy

I.                     PURPOSE

The purpose of this policy is to provide members of the Emmanuel College community with clear guidelines for the appropriate use of the College's information technology systems, network, and resources.  In addition, it outlines the possible repercussions for any misuse of these resources.

II.                   SCOPE

This policy covers the access and/or use, regardless of location or method, of all of the following Emmanuel College information technology resources:

•           College-owned computer hardware (including laptops) and software

•           Management Information Systems (e.g. Colleague, BlackBaud, etc.)

•           Emmanuel College network and Internet access through College resources

•           Electronic mail, conferencing, and chats

•           Emmanuel College website

•           Telephone, voicemail, and telecommunication services

•           Passwords and PINs

III.                  POLICY

Emmanuel College’s information technology systems and resources and all information stored therein are the sole property of Emmanuel College.  Access to these systems is a privilege granted by the College and may be revoked at any time.  Access or use of such systems constitutes consent to this policy as it may be amended from time to time.  Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

Users are advised that while Emmanuel College respects the individual privacy of its faculty, staff, and students, this privacy does not extend to the use of college-owned technology equipment or systems.  Users should be aware that the following guidelines may affect your privacy.

A.      Emmanuel College's Right to Access Information

All information technology systems have been installed by Emmanuel College to support the mission of the College.  Although each user has one or more individual passwords and PINs to access these systems, the systems belong to Emmanuel College and all contents may be accessed, copied, deleted, and/or discussed at any time by Emmanuel College management.  Consequently, they should be treated like other shared file systems.  Furthermore, all e-mail and voicemail messages are Emmanuel College records. Therefore, you should assume that messages are not confidential.  Back-up copies may be maintained and referenced by the College for business or legal reasons.  Furthermore, e-mail messages are considered documents, just like any other writing, and therefore are subject to discovery in litigation. 

B.     Personal Use of E-Mail and Voicemail

Personal use of e-mail and voicemail by students is permitted, providing its use is consistent with all other aspects of this policy.  In all cases, however, these messages will be treated the same as other messages.  Emmanuel College reserves the right to access, copy, and/or disclose as necessary all messages sent over its e-mail and voicemail systems, without regard to content.  Since your personal messages can be accessed, copied, and/or disclosed by Emmanuel College management without prior notice, you should not use these systems to transmit any messages you would not want read or heard by a third party. 

C.     Waiver Of Privacy

Emmanuel College has the right, but not the duty, to monitor any and all aspects of its computer system, including, but not limited to, monitoring sites users visit on the Internet, reviewing material downloaded or uploaded, and reviewing e-mail sent and received.  Users waive any right to privacy in anything they create, store, send, or receive using College-owned resources.


The use of Emmanuel College technology resources should be consistent with accepted College standards of behavior as outlined in other publications including the Faculty, Staff, and Student Handbooks.  In addition, every user of the College’s information technology systems and resources is expected to comply with the standards outlined in the areas below:

A.      Content

Emmanuel College will not tolerate the publication of any material considered to be harassing, libelous, or a violation of any existing Emmanuel College rules or policies.  The College will not tolerate racial, ethnic, or gender-based slurs; inappropriate or vulgar language; or obscene or sexually explicit messages, images, or cartoons.

No solicitations on behalf of groups, organizations, etc. that are not related to the College will be allowed.  No distribution of unsolicited advertising is allowed.  Distribution of chain letters is strictly prohibited.

B.      Laws

Any individual using the College’s information systems is expected to comply with all local, state, and federal laws, particularly copyright and fair use laws.  Violation of these laws can result in prosecution and criminal penalties.

C.      Security/Confidentiality

For the protection of the entire institution, users are expected to act responsibly with respect to security.  Do not reveal your password or allow anyone else to access your account.  It is also not acceptable for any individual to gain, or attempt to gain, unauthorized access to another user's computer, data, or other technology resources.  Attempts to destroy, alter, prevent authorized access, compromise the integrity of systems, propagate computer viruses, or disguise a user's name or the origin of any transmission are strictly prohibited.

Authorized users of management information systems are expected handle all data they access appropriately with respect to dissemination to third parties.  Information should not be viewed or transmitted to another individual except for legitimate business or educational purposes and with the appropriate authorizations.  Furthermore, student records are protected under the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and consequently, cannot be released to a third party without the student's consent.

A.      Appropriate Behavior

Emmanuel College information technology systems have been created specifically for the advancement of the College’s mission.  With the exception of those provisions outlined in Policy Section B. – Personal Use of

E-mail and Voicemail, faculty, staff, and students may use these systems solely for the purpose of supporting or enhancing teaching, learning, research, official business of the College, or other College-sponsored activities.  Unauthorized use of the Emmanuel College information technology systems for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Any activity that degrades the performance of resources so as to interfere with others meeting their educational or business goals is prohibited.  Duplication and/or installation of any software, regardless of proper licensing, without the knowledge and permission of Information Technology is strictly prohibited.

Emmanuel College’s network is maintained to provide connections between on-campus resources and individuals as well as between local institutions and national networks.  Use of this network that is consistent with the College’s purpose and mission is acceptable.  Network traffic, when used to access other networks, must honor the acceptable use policy of those networks. The individual end-user assumes ultimate responsibility for all traffic that they create.

I.                     POLICY VIOLATIONS

Any violations of this policy should be reported to a member of the College's Executive Committee and to the Chief Information Officer for review.  If the concern is content-related and is considered severe enough, the content may be immediately removed by Information Technology while the issue is under review.  Review of any violation will take place through existing student, faculty, or employee disciplinary processes as outlined in their respective handbooks.


Disciplinary action may result from any misuse of these systems or resources including loss of computing privileges and other sanctions appropriate to the individual’s position at the College up to and including termination or expulsion depending on the severity of the offense. 

Any user who intentionally accesses information belonging to another user or department without being authorized to do so, faces disciplinary action up to and including termination or expulsion.


Emmanuel College is not responsible for the quality, accuracy, or appropriateness of content on other sites to which links have been provided on Emmanuel College web pages.  Emmanuel College shall not be held liable for the actions of users of the College network when those actions are inconsistent with this policy.

III.                  AMENDMENTS

This policy may be amended or revised as determined by the College.  Users will be notified via e-mail of all amendments and revisions to this policy.

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